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• September 18, 2018
Hondo13 sweeps week 2
• September 11, 2018 God's Favorite Wins week 1
God's Favorite & GetSilly win week 1
• August 11, 2018
Registration for the 2018-19 season is now open
Hondo13 sweeps week 2

Hondo13 Sweeps the Week 2 Competition

Turns out week 2 in the NFL wasn't any easier than week 1. Another 7 upsets, and another tie, came through, making Sunday morning a complete disaster of missed picks. Hondo13 managed to correctly distribute his confidence points, keeping the the low values on the losers and saving all the big points for the evening (though a bold 14 on the Bengals really helped), on his way to an incredible 119 points. Coachdj333 came in a distant second place, 18 points behind the winner. Double digit margins of victory or rare in the UPsP, but Hondo13 went well beyond that to achieve the highest margin of victory in the history of the pool.
Hondo13 completed the sweep by being the only player to correctly pick 11 matchups to win the pickem'. Coachdj333 and 7 other players all finished one win behind Hondo13, with 10 wins.

Despite all the upsets, only 6 players (who submitted a pick) lost Survivor lives, with 4 making an early exit from the contest with two straight misses to open the season. With 41 players still holding on with clean sheets, the rest of the field will have to choose carefully each week to reel the leaders back in.

The Ultimate Pigskin Pickem' (UPsP) is an NFL Pickem', Confidence, and Survivor pool all wrapped into one fancy package. Players make a single 'buy-in' ($60) for the entire season to compete for one of the 37 pots awarded through out the season. For a complete description of how the pool works, check out the official rules. You can sign up and check out all the system features (including message board, player profiles, historical results, trophies, and tons more) for free and only have to 'buy-in' before week 1 of the NFL season.